I grew up homeschooled and found a passion in gymnastics. I’ve enjoyed coaching since 2001 and while it is something that will always hold a special place in my heart, I was ready for something more and received my teaching credential from CSU San Marcos. From there, I became a 5th grade teacher. After the birth of my second child in 2019, I decided to step back and just be home with my children while they were still young. I truly enjoyed being home, but missed my classroom! I started private tutoring to stay involved in the education field and to keep my teaching skills sharp.  I never thought that I would enjoy it just as much (if not more in some ways) as having my own class.

As we enter the 2020 school year, I decided that as a former home schooled child, I could help more families navigate education from home than in a classroom during this post-COVID time. I also wanted to stay with my own kids for the last year of my daughter’s preschool age and for my son, who will be turning two.

You can email me at [email protected]