Contextual Learning

I understand the value of building a positive relationship with students. Students that are engaged emotionally are more inclined to perform to the expectations set on them.

My Favorite Subjects

While I love education, the following subjects are my strengths, and where I have been able to create amazing results for some incredible kids.

English K-12

  • Young Readers: I can help beginning readers learn to read through guided reading, hands on activities, and providing them with materials that they enjoy
  • Emerging Writers: I can help the emerging writer by breaking down what’s needed in a paragraph as well as what’s needed in a 5 paragraph essay. I do this by breaking apart mentor texts to show how it is put together with visual aids on how to assemble paragraphs and essays.
  • Experienced Writers: I can help the more experienced writer by showing them how to accurately quote and cite texts, teaching them different strategies for outlining a paper, how to expand writing by adding sensory details, and how to edit their writing to a final draft

History/Social Studies

  • I really enjoy social studies. I find that most kids hate it in class because it is taught by lecture only and typically taught without relating it to the child’s life today
  • I bring history alive through stories and simulations of what life was like then
  • I engage students by getting the students emotionally invested in what was going on

Math/Common Core

  • As a student, math was hard for me. As a teacher, I had to unlearn many negative feelings towards math so that I did not pass those onto my students. In doing this, it gave me a new appreciation for math
  • Since I struggled with math as a child, I had forgotten many things. As a teacher, I relearned the old strategies and gained a bunch of new strategies on how to be successful in math
  • I use paper and pencil, hands on, and communication strategies to help children understand the math instead of only memorizing how to do it


Schedule an introductory call where I can learn a little about what you are looking for, and you can learn a little about my background. If we agree that there is a good fit, we will schedule next steps.

Kind Words From Happy Moms

Melody - 1st Grade

In February we found out that our first grader was failing math and reading. I acted quickly and looked for a tutor. I found Ms. Chelsea recommended on a local mommy group and reached out. We chose her because she specializes in math and reading and my 1st grader connected with her. We met once a week for an hour each session. Ms. Chelsea has been great through this process and worked with weekly sight-words from school and also any lesson changes she had in math. This way what she was learning in school was also being re-enforced with Ms. Chelsea. My 1st grader can be a little challenging at times to keep her attention. Ms. Chelsea got creative and found fun learning games and incorporates art into her learning to make it fun which my daughter loves. Due to Quarantine and distance learning we also had lots of one-on-one time together. We’ve seen huge improvements and just found out she passed 1st grade! Thank you Ms. Chelsea for all your help!

Tiffany - 5th Grade

We were looking for a tutor for our son because he was progressively slipping through the cracks. He suffers from ADHD and has a very difficult time in large classroom environments staying focused and learning detailed strategies; specifically math concepts. We realized we needed to have consistent after school tutoring one on one to just keep his head above water. Chelsea took our son and met with him faithfully after school in a one on one environment and quickly learned how to create learning strategies that would help him during his testing at school. We even asked Chelsea to attend after school meetings with his teacher so that we could create learning tools and methods to help him as he moved on to junior high. I was so impressed with Chelsea's interest in our boy and her skills as a teacher that we have decided to utilize her for BOTH our boys after school this upcoming school year.


Erica - 3rd Grade

We started searching for tutoring due to my daughter being a full grade level behind her peers in school. We chose Chelsea because she had a few referrals from other moms and I primarily only seek help from highly recommended people in the field I'm looking for assistance in.

Before our daughter started tutoring I had stopped trying to do math homework because it just led to anxiety, crying, and self esteem issues. Now I am more confident in helping her because she has improved so greatly with her math skills that I am able to build on the skills she has learned to help her. It has also improved our family dynamic because we are no longer battling and frustrated over homework everyday. She is showing more and more mastery skills every week and answering math questions quicker and with much more confidence.


Amber - 5th Grade + 3rd Grade

I was looking for a tutor because both my kids could use some extra help that I was struggling to provide myself. My son really needed focus on math and a little in writing learning structure and how to develop a story, Chelsea has brought all his grades up immensely from mid C's to all high B's and A's along with bringing up his confidence at school.

My daughter, we learned after years of struggling and not understanding why we learned had a mild form of epilepsy that was affecting her in a major way at school. After learning of her diagnosis and putting her on meds to help we knew she was going to need extra help to catch up with how far behind she was. When it comes to her, Chelsea was a complete blessing to our lives finishing out this school year with straight A's!

We chose Chelsea after searching several sites locally and I loved that she's still a teacher redirecting her career temporarily. The common core curriculum is no joke and I was thankful to find someone who not only knew it, but could obviously teach it as well!
With the state of life now Chelsea took initiative and made a plan on how to continue tutoring her students while we were needing to stay home and it's been amazing. Not only are they still getting proper help they need through everything, but I believe the online zoom sessions is helping my kids even more in the long run!

Thank you Chelsea for helping our family stay so sane this last school year with everything you've done for our kids!


About Me.

I grew up homeschooled and found a passion in gymnastics. I started out coaching gymnastics for over 13 years before becoming a 5th Grade teacher. Coaching gave me a leg up on how to keep kids engaged through learning that has served me well teaching and tutoring.

As a former home schooled kid, I am helping families navigate education in a post-COVID world.